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Carillion Towers, Dallas, Texas
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Case Study

Bemax Group

AI and Big Data Consultancy

Global Acceleration Consultancy for Vertically integrated multinational company

Project Duration: 2019 to present

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.” 

W. Eduards Deming, American Engineer, Professor, Statistician and creator of the Deming Model of Quality Management

The end client is a French-Italian vertically integrated company based in Paris. The client is specialized in design, production, and marketing of sunglasses, ophthalmic lenses, optical equipment, and prescription glasses.
Annual Revenue: US$12.754 Billion
Number of Employees: +150,000

The end client needed consultancy to lead its Global Acceleration project by consolidating the company’s global content, eCommerce websites, booking online, and CRM subsidiaries to track customer’s journey and conversion. 

Scope of Project:
Built Data Warehouse Infrastructure initiative for client in AWS and Tableau Server for their new Digital Acceleration initiative.

Led Data Architecture and Integration process to consolidate client’s global content, eCommerce, booking, and CRM subsidiaries companies/sites into a unified platform using technologies GTM (Google Tag Management), Google Bigquery, Mulesoft, SSIS, SQL Server 2019, R, GoLang, and Python. 

Managed multi-million value global projects, organized onsite groups of analysts & Data Scientists and implemented additional talent within agency that needed as the project scope expanded. 

Migrated Google and Azure Cloud Databases to AWS Cloud. 

Created a Data Modeling process that grants visibility to the client’s consumer journey from online website to the physical eye doctor and their retail purchases.

Implemented website conversion optimization and lead generation analytics modules to visualize and optimize sales conversion.

Applied a new customer retail acquisition/retention strategy with Churn and Customer Attribution Modules. 

Designed and implemented Tableau Dashboards for clients to facilitate company’s major technological changes.


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