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Case Study


Business Intelligence – Case Study #1

Implementation of BI Solution for family entertainment centers management company

Project Duration: 2019 to present (In development currently)

The end client is a national US company focused on designing, developing and operating family oriented amusement facilities. The client has 16 wholly owned locations and 35 partner locations strategically located in over 20 states.

Annual Revenue: US$150 Million
Number of Employees: +500

  “If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete!

Jack Welsh, CEO, General Electric


The end client has scattered data sources, making it extremely difficult to appropriately visualize in a timely manner the issues and important metrics to identify problems and propose solutions. 

The scope of the project includes the integration of different databases in the same ETL, from APIs to Amazon Simple Storage using Power BI to generate the reports

Scope of Project:
Built Data Warehouse Infrastructure initiative for client using Azure and SQL Server.

Led the communication and ETL methods with client’s existing vendors and assessed future vendors. 

Created ETL Infrastructure to bring data from data hubs to Power BI platform to help client have a full vision of their current situation based on metrics, study and company the market conditions of its industry, and optimize internal processes.

Created a strategic HR and IT personnel plan structured to move project from just agency-based to a hybrid agency-managed IT Department, so maintenance and future developments could be managed from in-house staff.

Created a 3-year plan to expand BI Dashboard and Reports from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. This will include the implementation of Floor Planning Optimization, Trend Analysis, Image/Video Analytics, NetSuites dashboard implementation, RDBMS, Payroll, Turnover by Employee, Forecast Techniques, Machine Learning, and AI. 

Ilustrative Photo. Source: Microsoft


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